Twitter Hacked

Twitter recently became the latest victim of security failure. Their database was hacked with about 250,000 accounts compromised. The Twitter team reset passwords on all accounts they believed to be effected and notified the account owners through email.

Fool’s Gold

This breach is just another indication that online privacy is really fool’s gold. No security alchemist has yet concocted the perfect blend of tools to keep out prying eyes, and it’s extremely doubtful that a philosopher’s stone (so to speak) will be found any time soon.

Multiple Passwords

So what do we do about it? How does a non tech-genius person enjoy the benefits of technology without feeling completely vulnerable at all times?? Well, the simple answer is to diversify. Spread your risk and limit your exposure by creating different passwords for each online account you maintain.

Protect What’s Most Important

If, like me, that seems a bit too arduous for you, then at least use different passwords for important things – bank accounts, sensitive email accounts, remote desktop access – and make sure all passwords for those sensitive accounts contain lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and symbols. And don’t use any words from the dictionary.

Dear Prudence

To some, these are just stopgap measurements. But it’s a lot better to show some prudence with regard to these accounts – and some respect for the fact that other people (some with malicious intent) know how to and will try to break your codes and steal your information. My take: you don’t have to cut the chord and live off the grid, but be smart about how you protect what’s most important to you. And, as with anything else in life, look out for those around you by sharing tips you’ve learned. Have some advice about online security? Please share.


For CNET’s full article about the Twitter hacking, click here


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