Social-Media-DIY-3 donts

Social media has its own set of do’s and don’ts. This week we bring you three of the no-no’s everyone should be aware of. If you discover you’ve committed one or more of these viral faux-paus, never fear, we all make mistakes on the road to social media success. Learn as you go, and be gentle on yourself as you journey.

  1. Don’t ignore social media: if don’t have accounts for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, create them. If you have them, don’t post sporadic content! Be consistent and keep your content fresh. If you’re pressed for time – use hootsuite or another multi-functional feed organizer. It will allow you to schedule posts, and so you don’t feel social media is micromanaging your day.
  2. This may seem like it should go without saying, but: Be wary of posting anything off color or tasteless, funny doesn’t always translate and not everyone has the same sense of humor.
  3. Don’t badmouth your clients. We understand that not every relationship you form will be the bee’s knees. Clients are people and personalities occasionally clash. But no matter what, keep it professional. When in doubt, return to the golden rule and treat your client how you wish they had treated you. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Especially on the interwebs!

When in doubt, don’t forget to smile! Social media is meant to be fun and informative for your clients, and you.