2021 has finally arrived, and we’re all anxiously waiting to see what the new year has in store for us. As far as internet marketing goes, we can make some predictions about the future with a certain degree of confidence. After all, search engine optimization (SEO) has been a dominant feature of content marketing for the past decade, and it stands to maintain its prominence in the twelve months to come. While its importance grows, there are certain aspects of SEO that will likely become even more pronounced in 2021. Here’s a brief overview of what to expect.

Focus On User And Search Intent

In the good old days of the early 2010s, keywords were a central focus for anyone hoping their content would rank high on search engine results pages. Nowadays, keywords are still important, but they’re no longer the central component of the game. Search engine algorithms have become more complex, and they can now account for whether content matches the likely intent of a user. This means that keyword inclusion isn’t nearly as important as creating content that truly adds value and meets people’s needs.

Using Data And Analytics To Understand And Target Customers

When creating content, it’s important to have a general idea of the people you’re targeting. Most company’s develop a “buyer persona,” or a general sketch of what a typical target would look like. Today, the prominence of metrics and data allows companies to learn more about their targets than they ever could have before. In 2021, businesses will expand their data analysis capabilities to build a more precise profile for their prospects and customers. They’ll then use this information to create content that truly matches an individual’s search intent.

Mobile Search

Ten years ago, most searches took place from a standard desktop or laptop computer. Since the proliferation of smartphones among the global population, this is simply no longer the case. In 2021, more people will use mobile devices for searches than ever before. This means companies must create mobile-friendly content that people can access seamlessly on their devices. They’ll also have to keep mobile searching in mind when developing their overall marketing strategy.

UX (User Experience Is King)

Some marketers mistakenly believe that search engine optimization and user experience are two separate goals. By conventional wisdom, optimization affects search results on Google and similar platforms, while user experience only matters for people who have actually visited your site. In 2021, more marketers than ever before will recognize that this neat dichotomy does not reflect how search engines actually work. In reality, there are a number of ways that a site curator can boost both SEO and UX at the same time. Headings, site speed, ease of navigation, and enhanced mobile accessibility will help you site’s ranking while improving user experience.

2021 will see search engine optimization remain a central focus. Keep these trends in mind when creating content in the year ahead.

Professional SEO Help

The simplest way to ensure that your SEO tactics are up to date is to hire a professional to manage it so you can focus on better things. Before hiring an SEO professional, you should ask a few important questions, including:

  • What is your experience in SEO?
  • How is that relevant for my business?
  • What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) do you typically track for clients?
  • Do you offer other services that can impact brand performance?