WordPress just happens to be the most popular platform for blogging, thanks to a variety of features and it’s functionality. It is also becoming a top choice for website design since it is FREE and allows for easy publishing and content design changes. The bottom line is that WordPress allows people to save money, edit their own sites, and gain SEO results from the beginning. Sold on it? Okay, now let’s look at the ways to increase customization and functionality via the plugin. The following list is not a comprehensive list of all the plugins we find valuable, but rather the 3 essential WordPress plugins you must have on your site.



 WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress is already a good platform for SEO, but this plugin really optimizes your site.  With an easy to use dashboard and page analysis, the plugin make it very easy to check the keyword for your content, as well as set your SEO title and meta description. It also has advanced features that are pre-set and may never need to be changed.


cS-2 Unknown BackUp Buddy

Probably every site owner’s nightmare is to be hacked, causing you to lose everything you’ve spent hours and hours creating. Obviously, you need a plugin to protect you. Backup Buddy not only allows you to backup and restore your WordPress site quickly and easily, it also lets you move from one server to another.


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Google Analytics for WordPress

Once you’ve addressed your SEO needs and protected your site, it’s time to start tracking results. This plugin is simple to use and will let you track outbound clicks and downloads, page/post visits, and has a whole slew of advanced options for custom variables. Use this plugin and not only will you see your ROI, but you can determine where your site needs to go in the future. If you still haven’t added Google Analytics to your site, check out our post here for why you need to get on that!

There are literally hundreds of options for WordPress plugins and we will suggest some more in the coming weeks. Most are easy to use and won’t slow your site at all. But these are the 3 essential WordPress plugins you need to get you going.

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