WordPress Tutorials from 2013

We love WordPress, and we love tutorials. One of the resources we look to often for new info, updates, tips, and tricks about WordPress is WPBeginner.com. If you’ve recently started using WordPress and aren’t sure about how to do something, chances are good that there is a tutorial somewhere in the interwebs that can help you. WPBeginner is often a good place to start.

They recently released their wrap-up compilation of their favorite WordPress tutorials from 2013 and we thought you might enjoy a link to the article. We don’t endorse everything they endorse, and their opinions are their own.

Here are a few snippets so you have an idea of what they cover. There are many more in their article, so if you like these, be sure to check it out. We’ve selected 3 that we think small business owners and creative professionals can watch that will make an immediate impact on their WordPress sites.

How to Track Links in WordPress using Google Analytics – Google Analytics has so many great features that can help you build your site, plan your content strategy and do a lot more. In this article we showed users how they can track links in WordPress using Google Analytics.

How to Properly Move WordPress to a New Domain Without Losing SEO – When moving your WordPress site to a new domain name, the most dreadful thing that can happen is to loose your site rankings and all its traffic. In this article we wrote about how to properly move your WordPress site to a new domain without losing SEO and traffic from other sources.

5 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress – Displaying related posts with your articles is a great way to increase pageviews. You can display related posts in WordPress without a plugin. However, for our beginner users we compiled a list of 5 best related posts plugin for WordPress.

Best of Best WordPress Tutorials of 2013 on WPBeginnerOver the course of the year, we wrote tons of WordPress tutorials. We thought we should compile a list of our favorite ones. Let’s do a year in review of WPBeginner.

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