Our last post included a few nifty statistics regarding social media. At cSocially Media, we like those statistics because they represent the real promise behind social media for business owners. Sure, social media is fun, exciting and entertaining, but it has to produce results to be effective for a business owner, right? Right. Well, let’s look at the numbers for YouTube and the what it means for using YouTube for business.

 The YouTube Numbers

6 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube each month – twice the number as May 2012

So, you caught that, right? The part about the hours doubling from 2012. There are a couple of factors for this.

  •  Video is easy to share. You find a video you like, you send that link to your friends via email (or Facebook or Twitter), and guess what? They do the same thing and it grows from there. Not all videos are viral hits, but the endorsement amongst friends ensures more views.
  • Smart phones are everywhere and they are equipped to play video. So people are watching videos while waiting for an appointment, on lunch breaks or wherever else killing time is necessary.
  • How-To and DIY is big right now. YouTube tutorials are like a mini-classroom in your living room. People are interested in learning Spanish, making the perfect omelet, and getting taught the entire “Stairway to Heaven” solo on guitar with the added comfort of staying in pajamas.

YouTube Target Demographic

YouTube reaches more 18-34 US adults than any cable network

Okay, what is important about that demographic?

  • This age is the most tech savvy. They prefer their laptops to their television and they expect businesses to be online with them. 
  • This is traditionally the most consumerist age group. They are most likely to have disposable income and are more willing to part with it, often frivolously.
  • They are going to share this information on social media. This age is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc… more than any other age group. If they like your video, they will spread the word, which is the best kind of free marketing you can get.

So, has this breakdown given you more to consider when it come to using YouTube for business? Like the numbers but still uncertain how to make it work for your business? Here are 34 possibilities.

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