Photo credit: Oliver Hammond from Flickr

Photo credit: Oliver Hammond from Flickr

We all want our blogs to stand out, be the rose among thorns and earn respect from readers everywhere. Achieving such success cannot be guaranteed by any formula. However, there are some good guidelines to keep in mind before you post. I’ve listed a few below and included a link to 24 tips and tricks for WordPress.

If you read “3 Easy Blogging Tips” by Jenn, then you will recognize some familiar patterns of thought within our company. I’ve approached this topic from a little different angle.

First, if you want to be a great writer, read. Read a lot. Find out what works for others. As you read, think about how the blog is structured, what makes it unique and engaging. Why do you want to keep reading after the first two sentences? That is all you will get from most readers.

Second, write about what you know. Don’t try to be all things to all people. As Bob Marley tells us, “you can’t fool all the people all the time.” Your passion will shine through when you’re invested in the subject matter, and your expertise on the subject may offer a unique perspective or solve a problem that your readers can’t easily find elsewhere.

Third, be consistent. Consistency counts both in your frequency of posts and your voice. Use an editorial calendar to keep you on schedule with your blog content. The best way to maintain a consistent voice is to just be yourself. Your authentic self is what will draw readers in and leave them wanting more.

Those are three guidelines I recommend to everyone who asks me how to be a better writer. As promised, click here for a good list of tips and tricks for WordPress.