Using Audits to Identify Gaps in Your Marketing Strategy

As marketers, we’ve all been there – the campaign that didn’t quite hit its goal. It’s a frustrating experience. You know something fell short, but you’re not quite sure where. Fortunately, with the right analytics tools, you can identify these shortcomings and bridge those marketing gaps effectively. In this guide brought to you by Marketing Hatchery, we’ll walk you through the process of running a simple marketing audit, helping you pinpoint areas that need improvement.

Understanding the Simple Marketing Audit

A simple marketing audit involves a high-level review of your website traffic and conversion rates. Its primary goal is to uncover areas in your marketing strategy that could be enhanced to generate more leads. Essentially, it helps you locate marketing gaps that might be impeding your success.

This audit not only assists in identifying gaps but also serves as a tool to assess the success of recent campaigns. It equips you with the data needed to answer challenging questions about increasing leads without escalating expenses.

Running a Simple Marketing Audit

To conduct a simple marketing audit, you’ll need to gather and interpret data. Here’s a step-by-step process:

1. Gather the Right Data

The first step is collecting the necessary data. Here are the specific tools you’ll be using, all of which are available through Marketing Hatchery:

Dashboard: Provides a high-level overview of your marketing’s health.

Sources: Offers a detailed breakdown of your web traffic and lead sources.

Landing Page Analytics: Reveals how your landing pages are performing in converting visitors into leads.

2. Interpret the Data

Once you have your data, it’s time to delve into it to gain insights into your marketing’s overall health. We’ll start with your website traffic data.

Interpreting Website Traffic

Dashboard: Begin by looking at the visits for the current month. Are you getting the expected amount of traffic? Are there deviations from your expectations?

Sources: Switch to the Sources tool to gain a deeper perspective on your web traffic. Examine traffic trends over the past year or two to identify any patterns.

Dive into Historical Data: Explore your historical traffic data to identify significant occurrences. Was there a specific event that led to high traffic? Conversely, have traffic sources dwindled consistently?

Interpret Your Lead Conversion Data

Now, let’s shift our focus to lead conversion data by examining three key reports:

Dashboard: Look at the lead conversion rate, which is the percentage of website visitors who become leads. This metric provides a snapshot of your conversion success.

Sources: In the Sources tool, set the date range to analyze traffic over an extended period. Check the box to display your visits-to-contacts rate. This reveals how effectively you’ve converted traffic into business leads over time.

Landing Page Analytics: Utilize your landing pages tool to assess how each landing page contributes to your overall conversion rate.

3. Identify Your Marketing Gaps

Having interpreted your marketing data, it’s time to pinpoint gaps in your strategy. Start by determining whether your gap exists in website traffic or lead conversions.

  • If your conversion rate is healthy, focus on increasing website traffic.
  • If your conversion rate is subpar, work on improving your lead conversion rate to maximize leads from existing traffic.

Determining the health of your conversion rates is crucial, as it helps identify your specific marketing gap.

4. Create a Plan to Improve Results

Now that you’ve gathered data, interpreted it, and identified marketing gaps, it’s time to take action. Start by setting a SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) to address the gap you’ve identified.

Next, develop a plan to achieve your goal. Here are a few tactics you can employ:

Tactics for Increasing Web Traffic

  • Increase blogging frequency.
  • Enhance social media promotion.
  • Optimize for relevant long-tailed keywords.

Tactics for Increasing Conversion Rates

  • Add CTAs to highly visited website pages.
  • Optimize thank-you pages for additional conversions.
  • A/B test landing pages for optimization.

Choose tactics that align with your specific gap and continuously monitor relevant data to gauge their effectiveness.

Running a simple marketing audit is a valuable practice for marketers aiming to bridge gaps in their strategy. By collecting and interpreting data, identifying gaps, and creating action plans, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are consistently improving and driving results. So, take advantage of the tools at your disposal through Marketing Hatchery and watch your marketing performance soar.

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