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How to Win Your Battle for Content Marketing Buy-in

How to Win Your Battle for Content Marketing Buy-inOver the past several years, marketers have made tremendous strides with content marketing and, as a result, are communicating more effectively with their audiences. Consider these data points: 86% of B2B marketers report that their organizations are using content marketing, and 70% of them are creating more content than […]

10 Duplicate Content Scenarios and How To Solve Them


Sometimes it’s easier to define something by explaining what it is not. Take duplicate content, for example.

Duplicate content is not inherently bad.

After all, Google, Yahoo! and Bing introduced the rel=canonical link element in 2009. When used correctly, that should be the end of the duplicate content story. Yet, confusion continues.

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3 Google Analytics Reports to Help You Find Blog Post Ideas Your Readers Will Love

The screen is blank. Your hands hang motionless over the keyboard. It’s time to write… about something.

Every content marketer knows this feeling. It’s that moment of uncertainty at the beginning of the writing process. Is this topic really worth writing about? Will my audience care? What do they really want to read?

Marketing is a test of empathy. The better you are at getting into the heads and hearts of your audience, the more successful you’ll be. And the first test of empathy is finding the topic.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark.

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