With all our talk of social media around here, it might come as a surprise that we remain big fans of the traditional email newsletter. Oh sure, we’ve all sent that really spammy or boring one straight to the junk category. However, I still find myself rather pleased to get a good one. Apparently I am not alone either. Check out this chart which compares the top business objectives with email’s effectiveness to achieve those objectives.

It’s no surprise that email newsletters are so well received by those who get them: subscription options allow people a choice. When your clients choose to receive your emails, they are giving a clear indication that they want to continue a conversation with your company.

Why You Should Still Use the Email Newsletter


CONNECT – The newsletter allows you to continue connecting with clients/customers outside of the sales cycle.

DIRECT MARKETING – Unlike social media, you have control of the message with your email newsletter. You can decide exactly what you want to say and target your specific audience

TOP of MIND – Whether you send them quarterly or monthly, you remain in front of your clients, increasing the likelihood of a referral or transaction.


INFORMATION – Newsletters are for information: updates, helpful tips, and  alerts. Make it useful and it will be read!

MARKETING – It’s low cost and allows you to cross-promote and highlight your full range of goods. Just keep the selling minimal and the information front and center.

TRACKING – Email newsletters offer easy ways to track your effectiveness. You can find out how many people receive it, open it, and click through it. Armed with this information, you can adjust as needed to increase your numbers.

Once you are ready to get going, check out these tips for keeping yours in the inbox.

The best part of putting together an email newsletter is that it’s free with services like MailChimp, and you can customize the content. If you have trouble deciding what to write about or don’t have the time to dedicate to creating compelling email copy, contact us and we’ll be glad to help. We offer consultation and ghostwriting services.

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