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What is it?

Ever ransacked your office for that receipt you KNOW you kept for tax purposes? Or wished you could remember where you put those business cards from that last conference? Evernote is basically a giant notebook to help you keep up and organize all of that and more. The Evernote web site is easy to use and navigate for detailed information, but here’s a brief rundown of the highlights:

1. Accessible from anywhere – One of the best parts about Evernote is that the web-based platform that allows you to sync with all your devices: phones, tablets, computers. No overnight back-ups needed and no big deal if your whole computer crashes; everything is still just where you left it in Evernote.

2. Stores everything Create notebooks and you can drop just about anything into them. Scan receipts, grab whole articles from the web, upload voice notes. All of it in one easy to find place. No need to dig through your folders on the computer anymore. And what about those business cards you keep gathering at meetings? Simply use Evernote Hello to scan the information right away.

3. You can share – Create notebooks that you share with other users. Perfect for client notes or project management.

4. You can search – When you add something to a notebook in Evernote, you can also create a tag for it that allows for easy advanced searching later. This is where Evernote really proves its value as it is a major time saver for searching through all your files efficiently if you have tagged things appropriately.

5. Web Clipper – Evernote has a super handy internet browser add-on that lets you clip entire web pages or articles into your notebooks with the click of a button. We’ll explore this with an in-depth How To in an upcoming blog post.

Are you already using Evernote? Let us know how it’s helped you, or tell us what you’re using if you’ve found something better.