Has Your Business Received a Starred Review on Facebook?

4 Star

If you answered yes, then the question you might be asking next is…how come I’ve never seen them before? This feature was just rolled out by Facebook to certain businesses about a month ago. It’s another way that a Facebook business page can earn credibility with their customers and potential customers. If your business has a physical address, then you probably already have the Review functionality turned on for your Facebook business page. But if you don’t have a physical address, you can’t currently turn the functionality on, and may not be able to any time soon.

A few important things to know about Facebook’s review function:

  • You automatically opt-in when you add your business address to your profile
  • You cannot delete individual reviews
  • You can remove all reviews by removing your physical address from Facebook business page
  • The reviewer chooses who can see the review — public, friends, connections, etc.

Additional resources

Here is a good recap with a little more info about Facebook business reviews: Small Business Trends

So, do you think this a good move by Facebook?