Facebook How To [image]

Original image credit to mindfreeze86 on flickr.com

Facebook Fan Page

Most every business now has a Facebook Fan Page, as they should. It’s free to setup, and if you want to spiff it up, it doesn’t cost much in time (or money if you hire someone) to do it — unlike a website. There are a number of advantages to posting as your business. I won’t cover those advantages here, but you will find them in other articles on our blog. This is a very simple How To for businesses on Facebook.

Reply Links

Facebook allows Reply Links within a comment thread. What that means is that you can activate this feature and then Reply to people’s comments directly without creating an interminable series of comments. Fans will appreciate the response from you if you take the time to respond, and they’ll also appreciate the way it’s structured, a cleaner look, simpler read.

How To turn on this Facebook Feature:

  1. Log into your account and access your Fan Page.
  2. Go to Edit Page > Manage Permissions
  3. Find Replies (listed near the bottom) and click the box that reads “Allow replies to comments on my Page”
    1. Caution – this means that anyone can post replies, so be sure to check for malicious or spam content from time to time.
  4. That’s it.

Very simple, just the way we like things. For more tips, check our DIY series of posts.