Facebook features for business can be overwhelming to many small business owners — and lost altogether on many more. Before we jump into a couple specific Facebook features and how they affect your company, let me tell you about an experience I recently had.

I was excited to make the switch recently to iPhone, from my Droid 2. My phone was a few years old and pretty beat up, so just having a new phone was great. I’m also a Mac guy and have an iPad, so obviously I trust and appreciate the quality of the Apple products. However, I was not utilizing some of the best features on my new phone. Anybody else ever been out-smarted by a smartphone?

After getting properly schooled on how to connect my phone, iPad and computer together, I’m not just enjoying the products more, I’m getting more out of them — being more productive, efficient. That’s really what it’s all about and why I want to share these Facebook features with you. They may be fun for you; they may make work a little more enjoyable; but they’ll definitely help you become more productive, efficient, and visible if used properly.

Facebook Features

Mobile Design

Facebook’s new mobile design for branded Pages is all about quick, relevant info and actions. Since over 1/2 the people who access Facebook do so from their mobile devices, the redesign was definitely warranted. You can see a nice comparison below and read a great article about the changes here.

With the focus now on Likes, Check-Ins, Calls, and Star Ratings, be sure to double-check your Facebook business page for up to date contact information. Make sure the phone number and address are accurate. Make sure your cover design and logo are clear both on a computer and from a mobile device.

You should also encourage people to interact with your page while they’re at your business. When they do, it will help in more ways than one. First, their friends will see where they’ve been and what they “Like”, which often leads to additional conversations. Equally important is the fact that you will show up and move up in the Graph Search. More on that feature below.

Facebook features - mobile design comparison

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2013/04/23/facebook-mobile-pages/

Graph Search

The Graph Search function that Facebook recently added can be a game-changer for connecting with a new audience. It offers built-in credibility for your business. It gives people the opportunity to do a search for a local business based on their friends’ activities.

What’s better than a referral? Almost nothing, for both the customer and the business. Referrals are trusted by customers because they know that their friends will enjoy many of the same things they enjoy. If you’re a small business owner, I don’t need to tell you how great referrals are for business.

Here is a good resource for you to help understand what the Graph Search function is all about: link. As a local business, this is great for so many reasons. If you are active and engaged with your audience, they will boost your business just through their activities. Again, encourage people to Check-In, Like and Rate your page on Facebook.

If these features sound great but you need help with the basics on content and engagement, check Jenn’s recent post. And if you’re not sure if Facebook is the right fit for your business, you might prefer this one.

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