Picture of Arrington Vineyard

If you read last week’s post “Take Rest“, then you are probably noticing a theme developing here: we believe one key to success is knowing how to and allowing yourself to relax. The picture featured above is of Arrington Vineyards, a fantastic spot outside of Nashville where you can truly get away, enjoy the country air, and unwind with friends and family. Everyone needs a place, an activity, or an outlet, where the energy may still be high but worries are few and far between.

Isn’t it funny how unwinding can take different forms for each of us? I have family members who would swear that running for miles and miles is the best way to mentally get away. I’ve also got friends who mentally escape by playing music, cooking dinner, or talking on the phone with a loved one who lives out of state. It’s amazing how these different activities effect each of us in different ways, but there’s no doubt that when something clicks for you, it allows you to be focused, in the moment, and totally free from worry all at the same time.

Albert Einstein famously stated, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” So when you find yourself at a dead end, feeling like your running your head into a wall over and over, take a moment to let that problem go. In business, this time away may sound like a luxury you cannot afford to take. I assert that you cannot afford not to take it. When you mentally get away and come back refreshed, you will find solutions present themselves. When I look on an old problem with a new mindset, sometimes I can’t even imagine how I didn’t see the solution in the first place.

Of course, if website design, social media marketing or content creation are making you feel like you need a permanent vacation, call us and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can. We focus on online branding, so you don’t have to.

Ever onward.