Today’s How To focuses on a topic that comes up a lot: how do I add icons/images and links to my email signature? The answer to this questions depends on whether you’re using Gmail or Yahoo, maybe it’s Outlook or Apple Mail. Unfortunately, we can’t cover all of them here. Instead, I want to focus on one option that plays the best with others: creating an html file.

Rather than re-create the wheel, here is a link to an article by Dustin Hartzler which covers this topic quite well. If, like me, you use Outlook for Mac as I do you’ll want to add this fancy new signature asap.

Simply open the .html file with Safari or Firefox. Hit “Command A” to select all the content. Go to Outlook > Preferences > Signatures. Then create a new signature or choose the one you want to replace. In the content box on the right, delete anything that’s already there, then hit “Command V” to paste your html code. That’s it. Before you close the Signatures window in Outlook, you can set the new signature as your default, just look for the Default Signatures button in the lower right corner. Send a test email to make sure everything works! 🙂

If you’re wanting to add your html signature to your email client on your iPhone or iPad, check out this guide by Allyson Kazmucha.

With a little patience, it’s pretty simple to add a great looking signature to you emails. Of course, if you have questions, please contact us for additional details/help.