Let’s pretend that we have just created our first Facebook business page. We also have a personal page that we use regularly. We think we already know and understand this world so we’re ready to get out there and interact with people. And for starters, we might just Like our business post on our personal page. Sounds like a great way to get some views. Yeah, baby – here we come 1,000 Likes!

Wait a minute – why in the world is cSocially Liking all of cSocially’s posts? Well, now that is just plain embarrassing! So, in an effort to spare you the same sort of experience, here is a quick how to for your Facebook business page:

CS-1Check Your Log In

Before you even check your news feed, look to the top right corner of your Facebook page. Is it your profile picture and name or business icon and name?

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 9.56.13 AM

Right now, I’m still under cSocially, so I will click on the gear symbol.imagesFrom the drop down select who you want be Using FACEBOOK As. In this example, I would need to select my personal profile. This will take me back to my personal home page.


cS-2Search for your business page

On my home page , I now need to use the search bar to find cSocially again.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 10.00.50 AM

Once it shows up in the search, I will click that and go back into the business page.

cS-3Change to your personal profile

Hmm, seems like I am going in circles, right? Not exactly. Because this time I will get another message at the top of my screen, just under the search box, telling me I am posting, commenting, and liking as cSocially.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 10.04.44 AM

It also asks if I would like to change to my personal profile. Yes, yes I would. Once I have made this change I can now interact on the business page as myself and not just as the business.

Why would you use this? Perhaps you posted something on your business page that you would also like to share your personal page. Maybe your business page has multiple Administrators for it and you like what another person posted to the business page. Or maybe, just maybe – you are still growing that business page and don’t want to bombard all your personal friends with invitations to Like your business page…but when you Like something, it shows up in their news feed…and maybe, just maybe they might be inclined to check it out.