twitter-birdTwitter is increasingly becoming a more visual platform and users are responding accordingly. Per this Jeff Bullas post, using images on Twitter equals more engagement from others. Tweets with images had more click-throughs, likes and favorites than tweets without images.  However, finding images and adding them to a tweet is not always efficient. Often, one is forced to download or cut and paste an image, a process involving multiple steps.

Which brings us to Twitshot, a website that automatically grabs images from pasted links and attaches them to tweets. Naturally, there is a Chrome extension button that makes this process even easier. When on a page with info you wish to share, simply click the Twitshot button and you will be redirected to an already formed Tweet, with link and several image options directly form the page. It’s fast, easy, and provides that visual Twitter want to engage with in posts.

Here is a screenshot of the Twitshot homepage that shows you just how easy it is to use:

How to Use Twitshot