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Value Activation: A Different Business Model for Internet EntrepreneursWhen we pay for software, it’s usually because it solves a critical problem we have. It satisfies a need. It provides a certain value we’re willing to pay for.
And if we can derive value from a product or a service at no upfront cost, then we are more likely to pay later on in order to continue deriving that value…

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How to Create a Custom WordPress WidgetWordPress widgets make it super easy for users to simply drag and drop elements into their site. There are many WordPress themes and plugins that use widgets to allow users to create their own layouts. There are even plugins to improve widget management. In this article, we will show you how to create your own custom WordPress widget…

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20 High Quality Twitter Bootstrap TemplatesTwitter Bootstrap is an easy to use framework with very powerful features, ideal for letting web developers create high quality Bootstrap templates. These templates have flexible and responsive layouts and look great on all mobile devices. This was first released in 2011 and it is getting more and more popular ever since…

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Want To Sponsor A Giveaway? Try Giveaway.lyDozens of methods exist for the promotion and advertisement of your products. You can use paid adverts like Google AdSense, you can write a guest post on a top notch blog and back-link to your product’s website, you can ask a high profile Twitter account holder with millions of followers to do a paid tweet for your product and so on and so forth…

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Forrst announces major relaunch

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Forrst announces major relaunchDesign and development community, Forrst, has announced a completely new and improved website experience. Originally created by Kyle Bragger, the site was acquired by Zurb at the beginning of this year and the company has wasted no time building on and improving Forrst’s unique social feedback systems…

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Lessons Learned From Leading New Web Professionals

Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to lead various Web design and development teams, including a number of professionals fresh out of school. Along the way, I’ve made my share of mistakes and learned some valuable lessons.
Some new team members have jumped right in and begun contributing in a meaningful way almost immediately, and others have struggled to adjust to their new role because I failed as a leader and didn’t give them the tools they needed to succeed…

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A word about Template Monster
Template Monster is a world leader in the web template business, with over 20,000 templates available. They provide HTML templates as well as theme for CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and others.
To learn more about Template Monster or browse available themes, just have a look to their website…

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Showcase of Creative Smartphone Chargers You Might Not Have Seen BeforeThis is the twenty first century and everyday so many new, stylish and advanced technologies are introducing which surprise us. In this assortment, we are going to showcase some wonderful smartphone chargers that you have not seen before.All these smartphone chargers are stylish and eco-friendly and they keep your smartphones battery alive…

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50 Awesome and Beautiful Photographs of IndiaIndia is called a land of ‘unity in diversity’. This multilingual, multi racial and multi cultural republic is absolutely unique in the way it thrives along with its millions of populace. It has been regarded as a land of mysticism and an oriental land by the westerners. Even today this nation breathes some features of the oriental world that has blended well with the advanced features of the modern age to give rise to truly inimitable culture…

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Get inspiration from these impressive typography designs
I’ve found a number of inspirational sources — one that uses food ingredients for its muse, another that was born out of a big city in Spain, and others that add new meaning to form and function for design, composition, style, and typography on the web.


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