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CSS animations are great as they make it relatively easy to animate transitions from one configuration to another. They can be used to make anything from subtle effects to impressive animated films but writing them can be a laborious task.
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WordPress 3.7 Release

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Meet Basie, the latest WordPress update. Named after the famed jazz pianist Count Basie, this update was the product of the new plugin-first development process (which involved over 200 people working in teams to push out the update). Great new features have been introduced to make the admin and user experience safer and friendlier…

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There are more channels than ever before to connect with your customers — and every business wants to understand how to maximize its customer-brand interactions.But there is good news. The channels used to achieve these goals, including social media networks, online communities and customer relationship management (CRM) tools, are getting easier to manage and measure…

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Hidden Productivity Secrets With Alfred

– smashingmagazine.com

Hidden Productivity Secrets With Alfred

Good developers are always looking for ways to be faster and to automate their workflows. Today, we present a series of workflows in Alfred that will boost your productivity and rock your world.
What Is Alfred?
For those who don’t know, Alfred is an award-winning Mac OS X app that saves time when you search for files online or on your machine…

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Creating Great Guerrilla, Sabotage and Ambient MarketingAmbient marketing, digital marketing, direct marketing, piggyback marketing, flibittyfloo marketing – there are so many disciplines a good designer, marketer, and manager have to know. All are difficult, but each has it’s own purpose, and effectiveness.
Three of the most misunderstood pieces of marketing, are ambient, guerrilla, and sabotage…

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15 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

– webdesignledger.com

15 Inspiring Portfolio DesignsAdvertise here with BSALast week we showcased 13 Beautiful Design Agency Websites, and today, to follow the path of showing how creative professionals are presenting themselves to clients, we have a list of inspiring portfolio designs. From graphic designers to product and branding designers, from web to communication designers, there are a lot of great portfolios in this collection to provide inspiration…

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How to Be the Worst Freelance Designer in the Universe (in Just 10 Steps)How to be a what? -asks you.
Well, yeah, being the honest freelancer seems a bit too mainstream. Besides, it’s way too difficult. So why not just be the worst one instead – the underachiever of the freelancing world if you will?Now, why am I going with such an angle? Frankly, everyone knows that there’s more than one path to success, but there are certainly even more paths to failure, and I bet you any money that for every successful freelancer, there are at least 10 struggling…

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iOS7 Swatches – Download Free PSD and HTML

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15 Creative and Useful Photoshop Scratch BrushesWeb development is an elaborate and complex process involving the use of a wide variety of skills. The entire process can be divided into many specific segments and for successfully completing each and every one of these segments one would require the aid of professionals from different niches. One of the fundamental skills that is required for designing a website is graphic designing involving the use of Adobe Photoshop…

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35+ Cool Email Newsletter Templates

– crazyleafdesign.com/blog/

35+ Cool Email Newsletter Templates
Advertise here with BSANewsletters are fast becoming the most used method of digital marketing. Email newsletter templates are used to create and distribute such campaigns via email. The popularity of newsletters has increased in recent years mainly because of their effectiveness.
The closure of Google Reader has offered a blow on information transmitted through RSS feeds and created another opportunity for email newsletters to become more popular…

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