Farming is possibly the oldest industry in the South. Yet, there was a period of time where farmers were all but forgotten, quietly ushered to the background of brightly packaged, overly processed foods. Thankfully, there are more and more people wanting to get back to the roots of their food.  Stephanie and Daniel Allen are happily helping with this from their Spring Hill farm, Allenbrooke Farms.  And we couldn’t be more grateful. Serving the Maury/Williamson County area from their gorgeous 120 acre farm, they bring sexy back to gardening.

Allenbrooke Farms – Their Story

Growing his own food has always been part of Daniel Allen’s life. As a third generation farmer, he is a wealth of knowledge and skill in farming techniques. Running a business has always been part of Stephanie Allen’s life, making her a wealth of knowledge and skill on that end. When the two former high school sweethearts reunited and married, they became an incredible package of determination, hard work, and talent. They also shared a vision for sharing their organic produce with others. It took them 12-18 months to get the farm ready for business, a time during which each had to quit their job and commit to literally getting their hands dirty. Today, Allenbrooke Farms has a CSA program and a booth at the Franklin Farmer’s Market.

What You Will Love

  1. Stephanie and Dan –  the farmers themselves are beautiful people. Kind, generous, and happy to chat about the latest recipes or give tips on how to can, these two are infused with a love for for fresh food that is positively contagious. They have also both traveled the world and returned to their home place, which makes it easy for them to relate to all customers. Oh, and they are often called “the best looking farmers you’ll ever meet.”
  2. Their CSA – Unlike most CSAs who pre-pack your box, Allenbrooke is an on-farm pick up. This means each CSA member  gets to select exactly which items they want to bring home. So, no overdosing on zucchini if that’s not your thing.
  3. Their methods – Allenbrooke Farms is Certified Naturally Grown, which means they do not use pesticides, synthetic inputs, and their livestock roam in the pasture. This translates into natural foods grown from natural methods that you can feel good about serving your family.
  4. Their booth – The CSA does sell out, but Stephanie and Dan can be found at at the Franklin Farmer’s market each Saturday with a selection of offerings. Everything from jams and preserves to fruits and veggies.


Farming by its very nature is a community business. The Allens live, work, and interact with their community every day. Having grown up in Franklin, Stephanie and Daniel have a special affinity for the Heritgage Foundation and Next Generation. For the Heritage Ball, they provide the food served for the Farm To Table dinner and donations for the Silent Auction. Sometimes members don’t collect their CSA shares. When that happens, the Farm donates that food to a local family or individual in need, or gives it to other non-profit organizations.

Social Media

Allenbrooke Farms is heavily involved with social media. Stephanie is practically a social media maven herself and has used her skills to effectively help brand Allenbrooke Farms via Facebook, Twitter,  and Pinterest. Each day, there are posts with behind-the-scenes type pictures and updates on the Farm. They also send a newsletter out via email for anyone that signs up through their website.

They also have a You Tube channel for tutorials and Stephanie is continually asked about blogging. However, as she points out- there are only so many hours in a day!

Stephanie estimates that approximately 40% of clients have come from Facebook alone. She says 25% have come from the newsletter, about 10% from referrals and the remaining 25% from traditional media/print.

So, are you in love yet too? Want a little more of those adorable Allens and their Farm? Check out this video that recently aired.

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