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Anyone who follows women’s fashion knows that shopping for top designer clothing is not cheap, which presents 2 major problems. Problem number 1, it can be cost-prohibitive to keep up with the latest trends and create an ensemble of truly haute couture quality. And sometimes those great fashions just don’t end up suiting you once you get home, which is problem number 2. We’ve all had buyer’s remorse at some point and stubbornly hung on to our purchase even though it was destined to sit, forgotten, in the back of the closet. So, where you can take high fashion when it’s never been worn or has been gently worn, but just isn’t a part of your wardrobe? And where can you consistently find the best designers at an affordable price? Enter Couture for a Cause.

Nestled in the heart of Brentwood, TN, conveniently located between Franklin and Nashville, you will find Couture for a Cause. The easy access from I-65 is great, but convenience is only one small part of what makes this boutique special.

Couture for a Cause – Their Story

Patricia Apple opened Couture for a Cause in the summer of 2013 to fill a void in the marketplace. Most importantly though, she wanted to find a way to give back, a way to contribute to the many local charities whose fundraising efforts take valuable time and energy away from their work in the community. Apple relayed her motivation, “I read an article recently about the numerous agencies in middle Tennessee, and the fact that they need more than donations and grants to sustain themselves. I know that we cannot do all that they need, but it is my sincere hope that we can make a substantial contribution toward helping them help others.”

Donors receive a tax deductible receipt and also have the option to choose the charity that will receive a part of the proceeds. The nonprofit, chosen to be the “beneficiary consignor”, receives a check for 50% of the sales price of the donated item.

What You Will LovePicture of interior of Couture for a Cause


The Store – When you walk into Couture for a Cause you will be immediately impressed by the ambiance. The store is designed, appointed, and laid out to feel like a haute couture boutique, and it doesn’t disappoint.

The Owner – You will often find owner Patricia Apple talking with a donor, a customer, or a representative from a charity. She operates the boutique with passion and a palpable sense of welcoming for all who come through the door. If you have the chance to hear the inspiring story of her parents and how she works to continue their legacy of hard work and sacrifice, you will be left inspired too.

The Inventory – The inventory is updated consistently, with donations coming in on a daily basis. You can find everything you need to create a new ensemble or just find that one missing piece to complete your look. And if you need new shoes, a designer handbag, a new lid, or even jewelry, you can find a number of accessories throughout the store.

Giving Back – Looking good feels great, but helping to lift up others who are in need is truly special. Whether you are their as a donor or as a patron, you can be proud to know that you’re supporting a good cause.


Community is, in many ways, the basis for Couture for a Cause. Apple has noted that her shopping center neighbors have been incredibly supportive and welcoming of her boutique. The community at large has also been very supportive, with recent features by Ms. Cheap from The Tennessean newspaper and a two part NEWS2 special from WKRN.

Of course, the role of community for Couture for a Cause is really about Apple’s desire to give back and help local charities in any way she can. As the store continues its growth, these relationships will only deepen, which will lead to even greater impact.

Social Media

Apple is very active on Facebook, often posting updates about the store or giving a shout to other community leaders. For marketing Couture for a Cause, Apple said, “Social media marketing is basically the only marketing I used until getting some publicity. I plan to continue using and growing my social marketing. I use it to get more out of our publicity too.” With over 700 Likes already on their Facebook Page, Couture for a Cause is well on its way to establishing a great social network of donors, customers and advocates. You will also find links for their Twitter and Pinterest accounts on their website.

Visit Couture for a Cause to find your next haute couture item, or donate some haute couture and know that you’re items will be valued and appreciated by the owner and patrons at this unique boutique.


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