Their Story

Tucked just off of Main Street, the Franklin Mercantile Deli has been serving residents and visitors stellar sandwiches and friendly faces since 1999. But to capture the story of this hometown deli, let’s back up to 1995.
In 1995, brothers Graeme Asch and Darryl McCreary opened a coffee shop in Franklin called Jammin Java, which earned its reputation for live music acts performed by Christian artists. When the space for the Mercantile became available, wives Corrie (Asch) and Annie (McCreary) saw an opportunity to give downtown Franklin a new dining option as well.
The brothers eventually closed the coffee shop and focused their attention on the Mercantile, which has grown to be a local favorite. Another local favorite, McCreary’s Pub was started by Darryl, while Graeme and Corrie took over all operations for the deli.

What You Will Love

  1. Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Mercantile menu hosts a variety of choices. Favorites include the giant cinnamon buns, creamy tomato basil soup, and homemade tuna salad. For dinner, their new tapas dishes and wine menu are a perfect combo for date night.
  2. The charm factor of the Mercantile is an enormous part of its appeal. Mismatched chairs and tablecloths, mason jar centerpieces and local art on the walls instantly make one feel at ease and ready to slow down for a minute. Add to that a very happy staff, and it’s easy to see why some people eat lunch there every single day.
  3. Taking a cue from the old coffee shop, the deli is often the home for Christian singer-songwriters. Music is offered on Friday and Saturday nights, and the size of the deli automatically dictates an intimacy for these shows.
  4. The Mercantile is also an amazing place to hold events; showers, parties, wedding receptions and dinners have all been held here. Options range from all-inclusive provisions to just using the space. Either way, the Mercantile strives to make your event perfect.


Owner Graeme Asch feels that perseverance has been the key to success for the Mercantile these past 14 years. While that has had to play a part, I also think it’s the sense of community the deli has built up over this time. Franklin’s square has grown and changed, but always maintained a small town sense of comfort and warmth. And the Mercantile has just naturally and gracefully extended that sentiment one block further. People feel at home there, thanks to the staff and service — and even voted the deli first place in the Sizzle Awards for the second year in a row.

Social Media

With over 1,000 likes, the Mercantile uses Facebook to highlight special offers and announce upcoming events. Over 2,000 customers have checked in there as well, a clear indication that they have fans that enjoy supporting them. Like many small business owners, Graeme is still the primary one posting and wants to engage with customers without overcrowding their FB pages. He continues to use the website as the main source for updates, changes and events.

Tell me, what’s your favorite time to visit the Merc – is it a romantic date at night under the twinkling white lights or a breakfast brunch with the whole family? Share with me at Email Jenn or even better- tell them!