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The Power of Words

At cSocially Media, we believe in the power of words. Fundamental building blocks of our society, they declare our rights, point us in the right direction, and allow us to communicate everything from simple ideas to incredibly complex emotions. Ultimately, the words I choose to write will be what shape your understanding of this post and create a larger message for you to take away. At JKSCommunications, they use the power of words to uplift and promote authors, and bring great literary works to readers!

JKSCommunications is a literary publicity firm with Nashville roots. cSocially has been fortunate to work with them to help promote their authors through social media marketing. We asked owner Julie Schoerke to answer a few questions about the company and their use of social media as a promotional tool.

How JKSCommunications Began

Q: What drew you to book publicity?

I wake up every morning and pinch myself! How could I get this lucky?! I have a journalism degree, but knew that I only wanted to share “happy” stories. So, publicity seemed the perfect way to do that. However, after starting a general PR firm, I had two clients who behaved badly – like, “going to jail” badly – and I had to spend a couple of weekends doing crisis management. I had a couple of author clients. I realized that authors tend to have an intellectual curiosity and were most likely going to be introverted enough to not get arrested. Plus, I realized that amazing books would be handed to me constantly – as an avid reader that was a bonus! We began representing authors/books/publishers and never looked back. Authors are our rock stars!

Q: Will you share a unique or unusual fact about JKS that isn’t featured on your website, or well known?

Although I’m the lucky one who tends to get featured in the media and gets invited to do lots of cool things as the founder of the company, the truth is that the publicists that make up the JKSCommunications family can all dance circles around me in their specialty. I used to think I was pretty good at being a publicist until we grew and got to hire amazing experts who are as nice and fun as they are good at their jobs. I just live in awe of Marissa Curnutte, our managing director, Sami Lien, our publicist in charge of book tours, Grace Wright, our media guru, Ginger Nalley, our distribution manager who ships thousands of books a year, and some other behind the scene folks who are hard core journalists helping us on this side of the business a good bit of the time as well.

Also, we’re very, very, very committed to independent bookstores. Indie bookstores – as well as independent shops of any kind and family businesses – are the heart and soul of a community. We must never ever lose that. In the Nashville area, East Side Story in East Nashville showcases local authors only, which is such a unique commitment to the community. Landmark Booksellers in Franklin, TN is very supportive of area authors, and there is Parnassus Books in Green Hills, also an independently owned bookstore.

Nashville Author Community

Q: Is the author community a supportive and thriving environment for your author clients?

Yes! Is there a better city in America to be an author?! Middle TN has some of the most talented authors around. And, there are top publishers here as well! I was at a meeting last night with some well-known authors and a nationally celebrated literary journalist who were trying to figure out how to be even more supportive of authors.

We represent authors in more than 30 states and seven foreign countries. Of course I love it when they can come to Nashville and experience all that the New York Times “forgot” to note in its comprehensive coverage of Nashville being the “IT” city.

Author JT Ellison made note of Nashville’s literary bragging rights, and Paige Crutcher put our fair city on the map nationally when her “book” of all that is “book worthy” in Nashville was distributed through Publishers Weekly at the end of May. From Mike Turner’s Meet-ups to nationally acclaimed BookPage magazine, to 2nd and Church literary journal, to Cheekwood’s Signornia Cheek Literary Garden, etc., etc. this is a very supportive place to be!

Social Media Marketing

Q: When it comes to social media, what sites are you currently using (FB/Twitter/Tumblr/Blogs/YouTube etc)?

First and foremost, we listen to our experts – cSocially Media. We’ve worked with social media firms across the United States in the past that were “good enough” but not “great.” Then we met cSocially and we learned what “great” is. Social Media is so fluid, and we can’t keep up with the latest trends…so we follow the advice of this team. Currently we use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and encourage our authors to blog and use book trailers (just like movie trailers, but for books) in innovative ways.

Q: Will you share how it impacts your business, and what your plans are for using it in the future?

In July, 2013, that’s like asking how cars impact our business. It’s a given. It’s a part of the super-highway that leaves those without a map in the dust. Twitter helps us connect with media by the second; it brings our authors together in meaningful ways with bookstores, media and other authors after they’ve met in person, or to create real friendships and strategic partnership even if they’ve never meet. It’s such an integral part of our business that I think I’d go into withdrawal if I didn’t have access to it for even a day! But, there are all kinds of incredibly stupid things that one can do to get in trouble if not used properly or politely…and that’s another way that cSocially Media provides the structure to keep us on message, up-to-date with our messaging and focused on the end goal.

You can learn more about JKSCommunications, their authors, and their upcoming promotions on their website: http://www.jkscommunications.com/. Be sure to connect with them on your favorite social media networks to keep up to date on all the latest happenings. And show your love of the written word and local business by supporting local authors in pursuit of their dreams.


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