Kimbro's Cafe

If I asked you to name the #1 place to hear music in the Nashville area, you would probably name the Ryman. And you would be right. Now, how about #2? Now  you might be thinking of The Bluebird Cafe or another Nashville venue, maybe in our ever hip East Nashville area.

Surprise – #2 in this year’s Tennessean Reader’s Poll is right here in downtown Franklin. Welcome to Kimbro’s Cafe, Franklin’s very own bar/restaurant combo that offers live music nearly every night and this week’s Local Love feature.

Kimbro’s Cafe – Their Story

Owner Will Jordan was born and raised in Franklin. As a teenager he discovered a love for writing and photography and even landed a job with the Tennessean. However, he wasn’t ready to stay in the area. Instead he spent time traveling the world as a photojournalist, shooting for various newspapers and magazines. After awhile, he felt home calling. Jordan partnered up with Rob Kimbro to convert an old tea house into a local music spot for Franklin. The Franklin community has been grateful ever since.

What You Will Love

Guitars at Kimbros

  • Music – Kimbro’s offers an eclectic mix of music – on any night of the week you can find blues, rock, pop, alt country, jazz or rock and everything in between.
  • Atmosphere –  Walking into Kimbro’s feels like entering your favorite place to hang out. A surprisingly kid friendly environment, there are multiple rooms and an outside area for maximum enjoyment.

Grub – Opening the doors at 4 pm, the cafe serves up a nice variety of salads, munchies, and sandwiches to satisfy your hunger while the music satisfies your ears.

Drinks -While Kimbro’s offers domestic and imported beers as well as wine, they are especially proud to serve local drafts. Brews crafted by both Turtle Anarchy and Blackstone Breweries are always on tap.



Kimbro’s Cafe is dedicated to all things local. They show their support with food vendors, the beers, the music and the events. They are part of the Franklin Art Crawl each month and stay active with the Downtown Franklin Association, which is committed to promoting and protecting the businesses in Historic Downtown.

Social Media

Kimbro’s is active and engaged on social media. Facebook is their main platform where they post  information, updates and event reminders. Fans are quick to Recommend, Like and Check In, furthering their Facebook reach. You can also follow them on  Twitter .


***Bonus Local Love = Carpe Diem******

 Carpe Diem and owner Will Jordan

Hey, check it out! Special double feature this week as Kimbros’ Cafe owner Will Jordan also opened up a much needed vintage shop and record store right next door. Carpe Diem recently celebrated its one year anniversary and was already named #1 “Best Vintage Store” in the Tennessean’s Reader’s poll.

Carpe Diem – Their Story

Kimbro’s Cafe filled the need for an eclectic local music spot. Yet, Franklin still lacked a great record shop and vintage store. So, when the space next to Kimbro’s became available, Jordan jumped on the opportunity and opened up Carpe Diem. At one year in, the place has quite the local buzz and support. For some of us, this little shop is a huge discovery.

What You Will Love

  • Hello, Vinyl – Last Saturday no less than an hour was spent perusing crates of records. The variety is huge and record lovers will lose many an afternoon checking out the great stash. Plus, the shop is starting to offer local acts on vinyl too.
  • Vintage – There is also a random smattering of vintage wears such as silver spoons, cameras, and other odds and ends that are simply fascinating.
  • The Photography- Remember how I mentioned Jordan is a photographer? The Carpe Diem space also serves as a gallery for his work. It’s gorgeous – check it out immediately.
  • The Vibe – Much like Kimbro’s and Jordan himself, there is a wonderful relaxed atmosphere to the shop. It feels good to hang out in there.  A little like East Nashville without the prerequisite mustache. And if you are lucky, the shop dogs Oscar and Guinness will be there.