make+model nashville chairs

It’s a known fact: the South has style. Nashville is rampant with decorators and designers displaying great taste and ingenuity. Given the incredible number of antique shops in the area, most of the population’s style tends toward the classic/traditional side. However, for those of us seeking a little something different- slightly more daring, interesting and fun with a splash of fabulous all on one -well, it can be tough around these parts. Here’s where MAKE + MODEL Nashville comes in. With a nod to MCM, Hollywood Regency and Palm Springs Chic, MAKE +MODEL Nashville offers a whole new sense of style for the modern Nashville resident.

MAKE + MODEL Nashville- Their Story

Owner/Interior Stylist Brandy Adams did not begin her career in interior design. She had a career in a completely different field when she realized it simply wasn’t what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Brandy’s mom ran an antique store and estate business while she was growing up and Brandy found herself wanting to follow a similar path. Last year she launched a design blog and began periodic Pop-Up Shops out of her home. The Pop-Up Shops act like mini stores set to life in Brandy’s home, where she can showcase the incredible items she finds in a true setting. Both were a success and clients wanted more of Brandy’s vintage, modern mix in their own homes.

Recently, Brandy launched a rebranding of her business, complete with a gorgeous new website. The MAKE+MODEL name represents several things:

It sums up my love of finding unique and interesting pieces and then investigating everything about its history, its origin, its story….its make and model.  “Make” also refers to my love for bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces and “Model” refers to the act of using these pieces in spaces styled by yours truly.

– Brandy Adams

 What You Will Love

  • Style, style, style, style – Naturally, this depends on one’s own personal preference but Brandy’s skill for mixing the old and new in a very fresh, fun and cohesive way is outstanding.
  • Variety of Service – MAKE + MODEL offers onsite and online interior styling services for homes, commercial spaces, and photo shoots.
  • The Goods – An online store will soon be available as well as more Pop-Up shops. Her online shop allows her to sell to anyone willing to pay shipping while the Pop Up shops provide a great visual setting for seeing the pieces displayed.
  • Resources – If MAKE + MODEL doesn’t have exactly what you need in inventory, Brandy can hunt it down for you. She knows where, when, and how to find the best vintage pieces in the area.


As MAKE + MODEL Nashville continues to grow and expand, Brandy would love to get involved with local non-profits that provide furnished housing for lower income families.

Social Media

MAKE + MODEL utilizes a variety of  social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Given the very visual nature of the business, pictures play an important role. MAKE + MODEL also has a blog that focuses on providing the history and details about pieces, designers, styles, etc. And for those who frequent the world of design blogs (yes, there are many of us) it’s quite a nod to Brandy that her chairs were featured in Emily Henderson’s blog as well.

Brandy estimates that she spends about two hours a day on social media and tracks her site to understand its traffic. Like many business owners, she is currently working on how to reach a broader audience with similar interests.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go find MAKE + MODEL and join Brandy in some pretty amazing designs and discoveries!