Philanthropy Fashion Storefront

There are certain stores that are so yummy I feel better just by being there. Stores that spend time not only on the merchandise but the merchandising, creating semi-magical atmospheres for browsing. You can tell Philanthropy Fashion is one of these stores just by peeking at the window displays. Going through the front door, you are immediately glad you entered as the store is a veritable wonderland for the senses. It is full of candles, clothing and home decor displayed in a very inspirational and unique environment.

Philanthropy Fashion – Their Story

Store owner Christina Martin earned her degree in interior design and spent years working in visual merchandizing (thus, the beautiful store). But after a conversation with her father, she had faith that one store really could DO something in this world. In 2007, Christina and former owner Marianne opened Philanthropy, with the commitment to donating at least 10% of the store’s sales to designated causes. In the past 6 years, the store has not only thrived in Franklin, but thrived in its mission and has successfully made substantial contributions to various charities.

What You Will Love

  • As I previously mentioned, the decor in Philanthropy is fantastic. There are a million different ways to be inspired in your home just by walking through both sides of the store.
  • The clothes are on-trend, feel amazing and are at price points that make it easy to pick up something without blowing your budget. But there are also nick-knacks and accessories that make it one of my favorite go-tos for gifts.
  • The staff are lovely, lovely people. They go out of their way to make sure you are finding what you need and will answer any and all questions you may have. Like their owner, they simply emit the positive attitude and charm that makes this store tick.
  • Their commitment. This store sets the bar for how to give back. Last year another store opened in Missouri, allowing even more money to be given to charities. This past January Christina also developed a 501(c)3, Willow Ministries, and will begin organizing a Non-Governmental Organization (ngo) in Africa this year. Be sure to read their blog for updates.


In addition to the various missions in Africa and Haiti, Philanthropy gives back to local causes too. In Tennessee, they continue to work with Franklin’s Hard Bargain Association and Joelton’s Walden’s Puddle.  In Missouri, they work with Hope Children’s Home. If that wasn’t enough, Philanthropy has also represented over a dozen other charities over the years. The real gift of the store though is in providing a place where the community itself gets to participate in the charities. With every sale, a portion is donated and that makes customers feel proud of their purchases.

Social Media

Like Our Thrift Store, Philanthropy is very active in Social Media. Employees post regularly to FaceBook and Twitter. They use both to post information and new items in the store, but also to share inspirational quotes and thoughts. This is how they are using the social media outlets to grow their brand successfully as followers regularly LIKE, SHARE and RETWEET the posts.

On the website, there is a newsletter signup as well as a blog. The blog is a resource of how to tips, reflections and updates. It remains true to the store’s voice and has become another extension that loyal customers appreciate.

When was the last time you visited Philanthropy Fashion? Share your experience with them or with me at Email Jenn

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