This week we wanted to highlight a very special local business, Suzanne Dubose Photography. True, there is a little nepotism here, but Suzanne is also a great example of a one-man show using social media to build her business.

Suzanne DuBose Photography – Their Story

Suzanne has always been creative and had a love for photography, but it was the birth of her son that prompted her to pick up the camera professionally. She started by taking pictures of friends and family, using hands-on experience to guide and train her, and joined several photography groups and forums for feedback on technique. By the time she launched her website, customers were eagerly awaiting opportunities to work with her.

 What You Will Love

  1. Suzanne has a fresh, organic style with a vintage feel. She prefers natural light and shoots as much as possible outdoors. This automatically brings immense warmth to her portfolio.
  2. She also possesses the ability to set her clients at ease, which leads to stunning shots that don’t look and feel staged. She believes the most amazing pictures come from times when no one is looking at the camera.
  3. Like any good photographer, Suzanne has an innate ability to see things from a different angle from behind her lens. Her photos stand out among the rest, offering a unique perspective of everyday life and special moments.
  4. She continues to grow in her trade. Suzanne is dedicated to constantly tackling new techniques and ongoing education, which keeps her customers confident in her abilities in this ever changing field.
  5. Suzanne offers fantastic options in pricing. She has mini sessions, full sessions, digital and print packages. While family sessions keep her busy, she is beginning to book weddings as well.


Suzanne is practically a native here in Franklin. Her ties to the community go back as far as Walnut Grove Elementary, so it is easy for her to get involved in all things local. She enjoys working with other residents and business owners and enjoys shooting local musicians as well. She also supports local business with her very popular giveaways.

Social Media

Suzanne Dubose Photography’s Facebook page has been a large part of her success in the industry. Through Facebook, Suzanne has not only expanded her client base but her professional network. She posts daily: sneak peeks of sessions,  other photographers work, promotional pricing events. This is how Suzanne is able to build her brand and gain loyal clients as well as a supportive community of followers.

She is also exploring Pinterest and Instagram as future opportunities, as they are heavily visual platforms — a natural fit for photographers.

Obviously, we love Suz and the work she does. Have you had the good fortune to work with this talented lady? Share this post if you have! And be sure to let her know on Facebook just how much you like her.

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