As you may remember from my previous post, I am a frequent flyer at the coffee shops. So when the doors of Grassland’s  The Good Cup opened, you know I was right there doing a little happy dance on the sidewalk.  My fear was that it would come and go as I wasn’t sure if everyone was as excited as me about this new enterprise. But I need not have worried. With it’s cozy and inviting atmosphere, The Good Cup instantly became a hub for Grassland. These days, people from all over Franklin pop in for a quick caffeine fix and dose of the genuine community spirit that fills the coffee house. Next month marks their 10 year anniversary too!

The Good Cup – Their Story

In 2003 Anne Sale opened the doors to The Good Cup. In 2007, she hired on Amanda Taylor as a barista, and within a year Amanda was the manager. Amanda had previously spent time in Thailand and Colorado, learning about coffee and exploring the idea of opening a shop of her own. When Anne offered to sell the business in 2009, Amanda and her husband jumped at the chance. In the years she had worked there, Amanda had not only fallen in love with The Good Cup but with the community it served as well. Amanda and her husband continue to run the coffee shop, and you can often find her behind the counter, chatting and laughing with regulars and employees alike.

 What You Will Love

  1.  Of course, they do serve coffee, but the espresso drinks are local favorites. Top sellers include The Milky Way, a frozen drink of blended Ghiradelli chocolate and caramel and Good Golly Miss Molly, a hot latte with Ghiradelli chocolate, coconut and whipped cream.
  2. The shop serves breakfast and lunch, offering delicious muffins and bagels as well as make-your-own salads and daily soup. It’s almost impossible to just get a drink with such tasty enticements to choose from each day.
  3. The shop itself is a charming retreat from big business style stores. Upon entering, you will find a variety of antique furniture and mismatched chairs and tables, all of which add to its character. Also part of the character: the customers that frequent the shop. Moms, students, business men, authors, and the general coffee connoisseur all tend to flow in and out each day.
  4. You feel like family when you are there. The patrons and staff are quick to banter and share news and everyone interacts like one, large extended family. In fact, two weddings have now taken place from employees that met each other at the shop. Events that are celebrated by the customers as much as the staff.


The Good Cup is plugged in with the community in multiple ways. Nearly everything in the store that is for sale comes from local artists: the art on the wall, the jewelry, bags, scones, soap, etc. No wonder the shop earned 1st place in the Sizzle Awards for favorite retail in Grassland! The shop also supports several missions and donates funds for non-profit organizations like Project AK47, who rescues child soldiers.

Social Media

The Good Cup is active on Facebook and Twitter and uses both to announce events, specials and updates. In recent months, engagement has increased as more and more customers respond to the posts, share the updates, and join the conversation. As they celebrate their 10 year anniversary next month, they will be posting information on the special activities and deals that will be taking place. With over 853 Likes, they are sure to get some response.

Have you been to The Good Cup lately? Tell me me about it at Email Jenn and be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter for their upcoming events.