It seems that the fair is one of those divisive topics for people. In one camp are all those who have fond memories of fairs, complete with an urge to eat funnel cakes and cotton candy exclusively at the fair. The other camp consists of those who feel fairs are both unsavory and unsafe, run by the oft stereotyped “carnies” (anybody remember Joe Dirt?).  All I can say is that if anyone in the latter camp were to become a convert, it would be from visiting the Williamson County Fair. The Fair is on its final run this weekend, so if you haven’t done so yet – go and check it out!

Williamson County Fair – Its Story

This is the 9th year for the fair. But did you know that the county fair took a nearly 55 year break before being brought back to life in 2004?  The first Williamson County Fair was held in 1857. It was largely a social scene for those in agriculture, which also happened to be the primary industry here at that time. Over the years, the Fair was seen as a way to attract visitors to the rural area as well as build community among residents. 1950 marked the last year of the Fair, until someone suggested that the Fair start again to remind us about the importance of agriculture once again. It was thanks to a lot of hardworking volunteers that the fair was met with success in 2004.


What You Will Love

1. Competitions – Locals can enter a variety of competitions, including photography, creative arts, culinary arts, livestock and youth. The competitions are a great way for residents to showcase a hobby as well as for local farmers to showcase their fruits of their labor.

2. Bluegrass Music – You simply cannot have a county fair in Williamson county and NOT have amazing musicians pouring out of every direction. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear talented people share some of the beautiful music that makes this state unique.

3. Rides, Rides, Rides – What fair would be complete without a ferris wheel, roller coaster, and giant slide? Be sure to check out the smaller booths in between — you never know what interesting games you will find. Maybe this is your year to win that stuffed bear!

4. Educational Exhibit – Hands down, one of the most successful and engaging parts of the fair is the “Little 1s Farming  Exhibition,” where kids can play farmer, gathering produce and “selling” it.

5. Pick TN Products – New to the area or just not aware of how many fantastic activities there available at local Tennessee farms? Stop by this booth and walk away informed and armed with a whole artillery of things to do this Fall with your family.


The Williamson County Fair is organized, run and sponsored by local residents and businesses alike. It is also a community builder – bridging a gap that exists between urban and rural Tennessee. It truly is a representation of the community spirit in Williamson County. There exists plenty of volunteer opportunities for the future as well if you would like to get involved. Be sure to get in touch at info@williamsoncountyfair.org or 615-794-4FUN (4386).

Social Media

This year the fair is ALL over its social media efforts, with both a Facebook page and Twitter account. Both platforms are being used to remind people about events, share information and highlight what’s happened throughout its week long run. With over 4,300 Likes, the Facebook page has nearly constant interaction from people posting that they were there, to just liking some of the wonderful photographs being posted. The fair opened with a record turnout and I can’t help but wonder if the social media presence isn’t a big reason for that.





So, have you been and did you post? Share your posts with us and tell us about  your favorite Fair memories!