retargeting best practices

In the world of ecommerce, where most website visitors often leave without making a purchase, retargeting emerges as a superhero strategy for brands, especially those in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) realm. Not only does it help win back the 90% of indecisive visitors, but it also crafts personalized advertising experiences that boost ROI and enhance conversion rates. At Marketing Hatchery, we understand that retargeting is a game-changer, offering the opportunity to convert bounced visitors into loyal customers while outshining your competitors. Let’s delve into the seven best practices that will help you master the art of retargeting and seize its full potential.

1. Know Your Audience – The Foundation of Effective Retargeting

Effective retargeting begins with a deep understanding of your audience. At Marketing Hatchery, we emphasize the importance of recognizing that retargeting campaigns are all about nurturing relationships with individuals who have engaged with your brand or products in the past. Your retargeting strategy should be dynamic, accounting for various stages of the customer buying cycle. It should be tailored to leverage customer interactions with specific products, enabling you to serve hyper-relevant ads. By segmenting your audience effectively, you can display products and promotions that resonate, leading to a lower cost-per-click and greater success.

2. Dynamic Display Ads – Personalization at Its Best

Dynamic display ads, a dynamic duo with retargeting, enable you to create customized ads that showcase products and images based on a visitor’s past interactions with your website. At Marketing Hatchery, we believe these ads serve as powerful reminders to return for the products that piqued their interest earlier. Moreover, they can even suggest related products and accessories, effectively increasing the average order value. Beyond that, dynamic ads have the magic touch to entice those who abandoned their shopping carts to complete their purchase.

3. Retargeting Existing Customers – Reignite the Flame

Marketing Hatchery understands that email lists can lose their responsiveness over time as new subscribers join and old ones become less engaged. Retargeting offers a golden opportunity to reignite the flame with existing customers who may have lapsed in their engagement. Showcasing product-oriented retargeting ads to this segment can convince them to return and make new purchases or even indulge in upselling opportunities.

4. Quality and Engaging Creative – The Heart of Successful Retargeting

In the world of retargeting, creativity is king. At Marketing Hatchery, we recommend using personalization, localization, and multivariate testing to craft different advertisements tailored to each audience segment. Thorough testing will reveal which strategies require a higher volume and which need fine-tuning before scaling up. And here’s a crucial best practice – always prominently feature your logo and branding on your ads. This enhances brand recognition, a vital aspect of building trust and credibility.

5. Ad Fatigue and Brand Blindness – Avoiding Pitfalls

Ad fatigue is a lurking danger in retargeting. This happens when users are exposed to the same ad or group of ads so frequently that they actively tune them out. To prevent this, Marketing Hatchery recommends setting a frequency cap on your ads. For instance, you can limit the frequency to 15-25 times in a month. Be mindful of customers who haven’t visited your website for an extended period and consider decreasing the ad frequency specifically for them. Another smart tactic is to rotate your ads. A good rule of thumb is to have at least three unique versions of the same ad in circulation.

6. Retarget Based on Facebook Page Engagement – Forming Strong Connections

Marketing Hatchery knows that retargeting people who engage with your company’s Facebook page is a goldmine for connecting with individuals genuinely interested in your products or brand. Form-based ads allow you to collect lead information like email addresses. This can be a game-changer for your marketing efforts. These ads feature an intuitive, natural-looking form directly within the Facebook app, where users are more likely to trust and fill out the form. Collecting emails opens the door to additional marketing and relationship-building opportunities at a fraction of the cost.

7. Optimize for the Best Results – The Key to Efficiency

Marketing Hatchery advises you to place tracking pixels on all pages of your website. This strategic placement provides valuable insights into visitor behavior between their arrival and checkout. It helps gauge their interest levels and the types of products that grab their attention. Successful pixel placement ensures that your retargeting efforts are targeted at actionable audiences and not wasted on low-quality visitors. Burn lists using your pixels can also make your ad spend more efficient. These lists consist of users who have reached the order confirmation page, allowing you to stop retargeting users who recently made a purchase. However, remember to move them into new campaigns with different messaging to resell, upsell, or encourage referrals and social engagement.

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