From online indications that I’ve heard and read about online, sales of Windows 8 devices are not meeting expectations. I could be getting bad information, or analysts may be wrong about early numbers. But I think there is a bigger problem for Microsoft.

The iPad so clearly dominates the tablet market, other devices have struggled to keep up – and that’s starting to drive the computer market. The Android platform offers several compelling options, but how efficient and effective are they for multi-device use? The iPad can sync with the Mac and the iPhone, no compatibility issues there. The irony is that Apple’s devotion to itself was a turnoff for a long time for people like me — who value open source and nonproprietary functionality. The way Apple has started to change my mind is with clean, intuitive communication across these devices, excellent 3rd party app development, and high quality accessories that just seem better and easier to use than their rival’s counterparts.

My company needs to invest in laptops, and I think it might be worth the extra money to switch entirely to Mac. Living in a cross-compatible world with easy access to the information I need on my computer, iPad and phone doesn’t seem possible without buying into the whole Apple world. And there is still nothing like the iPad. Or the MacBook Pro. I’m not convinced about the iPhone but will soon test those waters.

Can Microsoft make a compelling argument for why I should reinvest in their options? So far, I haven’t seen enough app development or native support to move me back to Windows.

It appears I’m not the only one from the indications of sales on the new OS. Below is a link to a compelling article about the potential doom of Microsoft if they don’t find a way to recapture the hearts and kinds of the consumer market….or at least do something to catch our eyes.