Peacocking for Business

Peacocking is a known term in most social circles these days as a way of attracting attention through dress or appearance. Just as a peacock will brandish its feathers in hopes of getting the attention of another peacock, businesses use social media to flash the best elements of their brand to potential customers and clients.

Picture of Peacock - cSocially media

The Content Challenge

Consistently generating new, interesting content is a primary struggle for any social media marketer. Many companies turn to re-hashed ideas for inspiration. Never lose sight of the fact that you must be inspired in order to produce inspiring content. If what you’ve got to say or show isn’t interesting to you, chances are very good that it won’t be engaging to anyone else either.

Small businesses obviously can’t afford to pour buckets of money at creative services like photography and videography at all times; however, it it’s worth an investment of time and thought to decide which events, promotions, and celebrations are most important for your business and could use professional help.

Play to Your Strengths

No one knows your business like you do. If you give people a unique perspective or insight into the most interesting things you encounter in your business, they will be drawn to your content. Peacocking on social media isn’t just about the finished product.

Sometimes you will need to mix it up and showcase what’s going on behind the scenes. Show your workspace, interactions with your team, and the things that inspire you (even if they’re not directly business related). We all want to feel like we know and understand the businesses we support.

 Show Your Passion

As always, have fun with your social media marketing and try to add value for your followers and online friends. Sometimes just making the effort to show off your great work and how it gets done says it all.


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