Surely by now you’ve heard about this new cult classic from the SyFy channel. The premise for this movie is ridiculous: a horrible weather storm comes through LA and sweeps sharks up into a tornado, only to rain them back down on the citizens of LA, creating terror and destruction. You can have a moment to re-read that if you would like, but I promise the plot is still as amazingly awful as it sounds on the first read through. So, how does a movie this terrible become a cult classic? Thanks to the massive power of social media, Sharknado and Twitter were hopping Thursday night. Looking at the whole situation more closely though, there are a few things even local businesses take away from this social media phenomenon.

Observations from the Sharknado Tweets

  • Tweets were entertaining – Granted, your local business may not be quite as entertaining as pairing Ian Zeiring and Tara Reid in a made for TV movie with shark-filled tornados, but the more engaging your topics are, the more likely you are to gain followers and get retweeted. Think about the ways you can liven up your own tweets, but keep in mind that sometimes all it takes is an interesting question.
  • Tweets were humorous – Since one is limited to a mere 140 characters, quick-witted one liners tend to do well on Twitter. Sarcasm is a favorite form of wit, but not always appropriate for businesses. Look for humorous observations or candid quips from business related interactions that you can share.
  • Tweets were interactive – Apparently, even celebrities got in the action on Sharknado, posting pictures of themselves and others.  Want some examples? Check out some tweets here. What can you do to get people excited about posting pictures as a response to your Tweet? 
  • Tweets = awareness – Critics are reporting that the number of Tweets didn’t match the number of viewers. This may be true, but it definitely brought MORE viewers than the SyFy channel would normally have had. Plus, another airing is already scheduled. It will be interesting to see how many more tune in now. Either way, if you and I are thinking about that movie even for a minute today, that’s two more people that Twitter brought to the table.

What do you think – inspired or repelled by the Sharnado and Twitter frenzy? For a few more tips on tweeting, see our post on pitfalls to avoid here.



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