Let’s face it, some days we are simply less verbose than others. Frankly, that is okay because sometimes your audience would like to just enjoy your blog without reading as much anyway. Use those days to bring variety to your blogs by trying out some visual options instead. Here are a few common and effective ways for adding visuals to your blog.



You may recall our previous post on how to find a decent GIF.  There is one for every emotion or occasion; though often these are used to add a little humor to a blog post. Here is an opportunity to highlight  a personal interest or perhaps share a snippet of some industry-related behind the scenes moments. For more details on making your own GIF, try this.

Motivational Quote or Images



Many people find inspiration in gorgeous photos or popular quotes. In fact, these are some of the most common items shared on Pinterest and Twitter. Find what speaks to you and make a post with only that quote or picture; or add a short paragraph to go along with it. A quick Google search or the Popular tab on Pinterest will generate hundreds of examples.


[slideshare id=23710365&doc=bestofwimbledon2013-130630114354-phpapp02]
Perhaps you prefer to steer clear of the personal and want to keep the focus on your business. A slideshow is an excellent way to show off a portfolio, provide step-by step instructions, or share industry specific information via graphics, pie charts, etc.



Infographics are definitely having their moment in the sun right now. Why? Because it is a way to provide information in a condensed, creative manner. With a good infographic, good information that can tend to be boring gets a new look. Again, these are the pieces most likely to be passed around the internet as well. With the multitude of tutorials and programs out there, it’s easy to create your own colorful, sharable infographic as well.

More Options

Tell me, have you tried any of these? Some working better than others? Drop me a line or send me an example at Email Jenn.


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