Facebook for your Local Business

We’ve all had that conversation with the last holdout for Facebook. You know, that person that insists he/she doesn’t have time for it and that there’s no good reason to be on it. I will go ahead and confess, I was that person.  One day it hit me...

Social Media – Does it lead to sales?

When Coke released their findings this morning that online buzz did not impact direct sales, I wasn’t surprised. From the reax of the internet, it seems the news was received with mixed emotions. Some people were shocked, others not so much. Here are a couple...

Simple How-To on Social Media

You want to know more about Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites? You know it’s a good idea for your business but don’t know where to begin? Below is a nice (simplified) infographic about social media that you can use to get your head around...

Trends: Social Media 2013

What’s Trending: Social Media 2013 Continued GrowthOne trend that is undeniable in social media for 2013 is continued growth. Over 70% of Americans are already using at least 1 social media site. With Facebook over 1 Billion unique users, expect to see other sites...

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