Picture of Ovid Quote - Take Rest

If you’re a small business owner, you probably work a lot. That’s to be expected, especially if your business is young or going through a transition. Business Insider posted an article recently with advice from 18 winners of their competition for Small Business Week, which featured the top small business owners from each state. I found a recurring theme in their advice to being successful: hard work. Of the most successful people I know, hard work is simply a way of life, a part of their being, ingrained in their DNA. A great work ethic is mandatory to great work done. No argument there from me.

However, just as a field needs time to rest and become fertile again, our minds, bodies, and spirits need time to lay fallow, so to speak, in order to give fully when called upon. Running a small business is challenging enough without running on an empty tank. Take the time to recharge. Your health and your business’ health will both benefit.