In recent years, Google has become a household name. Whether you’re using it as a verb (“Just Google it!”) or a noun (“I’m sure you can find it on Google!”) I’m positive you have said the word Google at least once in the past month. That being said, there is a huge misconception in the world of business owners and their relationship with Google.

The Disconnect

A recent study has shown that about 1 in 3 business owners are not properly educated on the way Google optimizes its searches. While the research showed that business owners had a greater understanding of the subject than the average non-business owning person, a whopping 1 in 4 of the business owning participants had very little to zero knowledge of how search engine optimization works.  This a detriment to the way their businesses’ websites are run. Knowing how to get your website to the first page of Google is extremely valuable.

While seventy percent of the business owners surveyed did recognize that search engine optimization was critical to their company’s success, the results of the research showed that there was also still much they had to learn about the way Google optimizes their searches, and search engine optimization in general. Those surveyed valued search engine optimization, but they did not know how best to utilize it.

Google and SEO

So how exactly does Google use search engine optimization? Their programs track specific key words in the body of writing, as well as in the title. They also take into account the images on your page and the subheadings. Google approaches search engine optimization the way you or I might approach choosing a good book. They focus on what is applicable, enjoyable, and current. Tweaking your website and the information that it contains to make it have more of these attributes will greatly increase your chances of showing up on the front page of Google.

Learning more about the way that Google utilizes search engine optimization will be crucial to running your company’s website efficiently and effectively. Our clients discover that once they prioritize SEO, it puts them exactly where they want to be: in front of customers Click here to learn more about how we can develop and implement a winning SEO strategy for your business.