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Personal Online Reputation Just Got Easier Thanks to Google
You may not have even known about the scandal of “mug shot websites”; hopefully you never had to deal with the reputation management problem that they caused. Luckily for many people, Google solved the problem for them recently. Personal reputation management was becoming a big business for many different “mug shot websites” that were using public records to rank high for the names of anyone arrested for a crime on Google and other search engines…

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As the use of social media in marketing has become ubiquitous, marketers have turned their attention to making the use of business social media more sophisticated and strategic. They are refining tactics, integrating social with other marketing channels, taking a hard look at new networks, and continuing to refine their measurements of success…

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Postano Evolves the Sports Social Media Command CenterQuite a bit has evolved since social media command centers hit the scene. You may have read about them in sports when our friends at Radious developed the first social media command center for the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. Key to the command center were four goals…

Safety – respond first to any safety-oriented issue or crisis…

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Do you manage a Facebook page? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of statistics you have access to in Facebook Insights? Would you like to know the statistics you need to track to help you boost your growth and visibility? In this article, I’ll show you six ways to improve your Facebook page performance with […

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There are many ways to grow a startup, but recent history suggests that the market building method coming out of Stanford is superseding the technology-driven method of MIT. Simply put, “Technology is not a prerequisite for business success, but marketing is.” This is the conclusion of an insightful story posted last week by (triple degree) MIT grad (and now San Francisco resident) Amir Hirsch on his Reconfigurable Computing blog titled The Stanford Startup and the MIT Startup.

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Have you found your brand’s social media is hitting a wall? Social media marketing takes time, talent, and a lot of creative brain power and it’s possible to get burned out. I’m going to share some easy, actionable items that you can do to put the social media magic back into your brand…

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Driving Social Media Engagement for Nonprofits
Why would nonprofits (or any company/business for that matter) want to drive engagement on their social media profiles?
The answer is simple: The chances of more people seeing your posts are far greater when another person takes some kind of social action on your post.
On Facebook, the only way your post will appear in someone’s news feed is if you can generate organic likes, shares, and comments…

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Good and Bad Examples of Social Media Image Marketing
If you’re reading this, you’re probably failing at social media image marketing. That’s not me being cynical. By examining dozens of business social media presences every week, I get to see what so many are doing and the unfortunate fact is that 9 out of 10 are doing it wrong or not doing it at all…

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Twitter’s Wall Street Debut and What it Means for MarketersTwitter recently went public and the news has created quite the buzz in the marketing, advertising, and social media industries. This blog post will explore a few areas we think may change as a result of the initial public offering and how that will affect brands in the social space.

Twitter earns the majority of its revenue from advertising…

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