Pic of Clock Melting

Source: Flickr: xenonb

Time management is critical to success in any business. Unfortunately, for many small business owners, finding enough hours in the day to check every item off the to do list is equivalent to herding cats. Those hours keep slipping away just when you think you’ve got them corralled. Don’t let your days blur into nights of work with no end.

If you haven’t started with social media marketing because you don’t feel you have enough time, we want to give you a few tips to help organize your efforts.

  1. Focus

    • It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the number of options available to businesses for their online marketing. From Google Adwords to blogging to Twitter, Facebook and all the other social sites, owners have to choose what’s best for their business without getting lost in the process.
    • Find one or two of these options that you feel will be the best fit based on your target audience and business model. If you need to get quick hits to you website, use Adwords. If you need to raise SEO over time and build an audience use a blog and social site(s) to connect with customers. Show off products on Facebook and Pinterest, or give quick news bites on Twitter. Which of those makes the most sense for your company?
  2. Plan

    • Use an editorial calendar to keep yourself on track for social media and blog updates. Plan your schedule for the month ahead and adjust as necessary. Stick with topical themes to help guide your content. This will help your time management greatly. Here is pretty comprehensive calendar for Excel. There are simpler versions available with a quick search.
    • If your using a PPC or CPC service, then stick with a keyword strategy that integrates with your overall SEO strategy for best results. Give some thought time to the strategy before pulling the trigger, and your shot will surely hit its mark.
  3. Track

    • Set goals and track all your activity. The good news is that this is easy and doesn’t need to be time consuming. With blogs and social media, you can easily monitor the number of subscribers, likes and followers you acquire over time. You should also be monitoring engagement in order to repeat success.
    • Adwords and other services will make it very easy to track the clicks to your site. The key is what behavior people take once they get to the site. You want to be able to move people to action with product sales, inquiries, or subscriptions. Be sure to integrate into Google Analytics where you can for the most complete picture.

These tips are tried and true and will help you get a handle on time management while still being productive with your online marketing. You can do it, and it doesn’t have to be a black hole — sucking all the light out of your life in sacrifice of your business. Your business will prosper through cultivation and hard work, but don’t sacrifice yourself in the process. If your still having trouble finding time, or just don’t know where to begin, let us know and we’ll be glad to help you get setup or manage it for you.