Picture of PinWhat Are Pinterest Place Pins

In order to understand how Pinterest Place Pins can help your business, we need to first understand what they are. Simply put, they allow you to map your pins. Here is the gist of it from the Pinterest site:

Creating a board of Place Pins is easy. Just select Add a map when you create a new board or Edit an existing board’s settings to Add a map. After that, you can map all of your new and existing Pins on the board to help plan your next adventure.

Pinterest for Travel

Pinterest developed this feature in order to help people plan and share their travel adventures. There are already a number of travel companies and bloggers utilizing these types of boards to promote their favorite places. It’s easy to create one, or to add your two cents to an existing board. Check out this board created by Andrew Zimmern; it’s all about BBQ & features a local favorite of mine, Martin’s BBQ: http://www.pinterest.com/chefaz/great-american-bbq/

While you’re there, check out the interactive features of this board:

  • Comment
    • You can comment on the existing Place Pins to share your thoughts with the Pinterest community.
  • Map
    • Pretty easy to tell where each BBQ joint is when it’s laid out on a big U.S. map. Zoom in and out to find one near you.
  • Learn More
    • Click on one of the pins on the map and you’ll see a Learn More button in the pop up box. If the business is connected to FourSquare, you’ll be taken to their profile where you can see reviews, contact info, links, additional pictures, and more

As a traveler, I’m excited to see the boards for cities I’ll be traveling to. It’s a quick way for me to learn about an unfamiliar destination and map out a few places I need to see while I’m there. It’s also a way for me to show others where I’ve been and let them know what I learned along the way.

3 Ways We’ll Use Pinterest Place Pins for Our Business

Local Love MemeAs a business, there are a number of ways I can think to integrate this into our social media marketing. Here are a few:

Places We’ve Been

This one seems obvious, but it’s a nice way to chronicle where we’ve traveled as a business for conferences and team building.

Local Love

We feature local businesses in Franklin and Nashville on our Local Love blog, and we also have a Pinterest board for them. Now, people can see exactly where these great businesses are and show their love that much easier. And we love spreading the love in our community!


From vendors to suppliers to great industry experts, creating a Pinterest Place Pins board is an excellent way to bring together and highlight the great players who make up your team. Because let’s face it, no business can make it all by themselves. We rely on our business partners and other experts to put us in a position to be successful, so why not share the love for them.

These are just a few examples of how we plan to use Pinterest Place Pins for our business, but I’m sure there are many more uses for other industries or businesses with a larger geographic footprint than ours. So, how will you use Pinterest Place Pins?