It may seem as though we are on a bit of a Facebook kick these days. We are. We’ve found that while many of us use Facebook on a daily basis, there are certain tricks and features we don’t take the time to learn. Thus, why we are bringing you another tutorial for keeping business and personal life separate on Facebook.

Remember back in those pre-Facebook days when you had business contacts and personal contacts? And you probably had them distinct in your mind, so that certain pieces of information were shared with business contacts and other things shared with personal contacts. Well, many of us have gone a little Friend crazy, accepting and requesting with everybody we do business with as well.

So, your co-workers are seeing your best friend’s picture of you at your favorite pub and your wife’s sentimental post on your anniversary. This may be acceptable, depending on personal preference. However, perhaps you find it impertinent for a potential business partner or boss to see these. Time to separate out your audience! Today’s post will show you how to do this by using lists with Facebook.

Steps to Create a List

  1. After logging in to your personal profile, go to your Home feed.
  2.  Check the left side of your screen. There is category for Friends and when you scroll to it a pull down should appear that says MORE. Select MORE.
  3. Click on CREATE LIST. You can now title your list anything you would like. For example, I have one for Business. This includes anyone that I do business with whom I don’t necessarily want to share photos of my family vacation.
  4.  Now, here’s the best part. Enter the names of the Facebook friends that you want on this list. Select each one and hit CREATE.  They are now part of that list.

How to Manage Your Lists

  • Now when you are on your home feed page and you look at the left side, your lists should populate under your FRIENDS category. By clicking on the list, it will bring up a feed that includes only the members of that list.
  • In the top right corner will also be a MANAGE LISTS drop down menu. From there you can RENAME, EDIT, and CHOOSE UPDATE TYPES. 
  • Use CHOOSE UPDATE TYPES to select exactly which Facebook  activities you would like your newly created list to see.

picture of man workingLet’s Fix Who Can See What

  • Click the COG icon, top right of your facebook page
  • Click ACCOUNT SETTINGS On the left hand side click TIMELINE AND TAGGING. This is how you can edit who sees what.
  • You can get as specific as you want, limiting your timeline to only Friends if you desire. You can also limit what others see on your timeline. In other words, select Friends here if your friends happen to post to your timeline frequently and you don’t want business acquaintances to see those.
  • You can also choose to REVIEW posts before they are added to your timeline. Franky, you may want to select this period as it gives you final authority on your own page.

How to Use Your Lists

  • Every time you post, check your drop down menu on the post. The default is PUBLIC, but you can select as many lists as you want for each post.

Facebook screenshot



Facebook automatically has a RESTRICTED list available. By adding people to it, you ensure that they only see post and profile information that you choose to make PUBLIC.


And that’s it! If you use your lists appropriately, you can post personal items for friends/families. Then you can also make separate posts that you select for your business contacts.

Your friends don’t necessarily care about every business lunch you have, and your business acquaintances probably don’t need to see that old college photo of you. But now you can share accordingly and maximize that Facebook account.

Go forth, create lists and use them. Let me know what’s working for you and what isn’t at Email Jenn.