Today’s word is: enantiodromiaEnantiodromia Yin & Yang

The Oxford dictionary defines the word as:

noun (rare)

  • the tendency of things to change into their opposites, especially as a supposed governing principle of natural cycles and of psychological development.

To make night into day, to turn a frown upside down – enantiodromia is to change running from something into running to it.

It’s easy when our lives get busy to adapt a scowl, hunch up our shoulders into our ears, and tuck our chin into our chest. Just go, go, go(!), with our heads down and our disposition the polar opposite of sunny.

The thing to remember is this: you have the power to change your world into the opposite. If your work is draining, find a way to recharge your battery. Give yourself a break, take time to laugh and escape from the mundane – even while sitting at your desk.

There is a reason cat GIFs and Buzzfeed lists are popular.

Be mindful of how you spend your time. If you feel the interwebs sucking your soul from the tips of your fingers as you bang them against the keys, then step away from the computer and reorganize your desk. Make a physical list of the tasks you need to do, and mentally (or on paper) outline how you plan to achieve your goals.

Pick up a book. Escape into a story for a ten or fifteen minute break. Do a little yoga or stretching to get your blood flowing before you return to attack your next undertaking. Listen to soothing music or rock out with your earbuds plugged into Pandora, Spotify, or iTunes. Schedule a time to do your social media and web updates every morning or afternoon, and keep the time minimal. Do what you need, and then bring your attention back to your work (don’t get distracted and stuff yourself on those cat GIFs!)

Oh, look. A dancing squirrel’s holding a banana.

You can change your perspective; you can make a boring day a bright one. All you have to do is make the choice, and go for it.