TwitterPhoto image: Flickr

Each social media site is unique, offering different advantages for why you should use them to market your business and self. Today we’re featuring Twitter, and the advantages it has over some of its fellow social media sites.

Twitter, like Tumblr, FriendFeed and Plurk, fall into the category of microblogging tools. These tools enable you, the user, to distribute short and brief messages. At 140 characters, Twitter is great for snapshots. From these compact messages, it’s easy to build a conversation with followers, and engage with potential customers. If you’re pressed for time, and focused on choosing a single social media tool, here are a few ways twitter excels above Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Unlike Facebook, where you enter status updates, each tweet on twitter will be delivered into every follower’s feed – not just a filtered portion.

Tweets can also be compared to modified LinkedIn updates. But unlike LinkedIn, where you interact with people and companies you already have relationships with, on twitter you can follow potential customers and interact with them.

Pinterest is great for sharing images and creating a story from those pictures. However, it’s much harder to have a conversation with your followers on Pinterest, and on twitter you can share the images and build a back-and-forth dialogue.

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