Before I get going on this post, I really need to get something off my chest: Blogging is not for everyone. Whew, okay now that I’ve thrown that out there, what do I mean? Well, if you aren’t skilled at writing, don’t have the time, and don’t feel that you can contribute enough fresh content for a blog then you probably won’t enjoy it. Thus, blogging isn’t likely to yield the results you desire. If you’re looking for 3 easy blogging tips, click here.

However, let’s examine the reasons why we think you should blog and you can see if they outweigh the roadblocks to getting started.

 3 Very Good Reasons Your Business Should Blog

  • SEO, SEO, SEO – And really, couldn’t we almost leave it at that? Blogging produces fresh content and attracts new visitors, both of which increase your SEO. Blogging also creates more pages and the more pages you have indexed properly, with relevant information, the more likely you are to rank higher in SEO.
  • You Love Your Business – By sharing valuable tips, information and suggestions related to your business you automatically give your company a voice and position yourself as a trusted resource. Consumers spend a lot of time researching now prior to buying. Capitalize on that and put yourself ahead of competitors by being the one with answers. Plus, having a blog that you continually create content for forces you to stay fully engaged in your own industry.
  • Your Clients Love Your Business – Having a blog that allows comments gives you an immediate opportunity to start conversations about your business. Not only will you get people talking about you, but you can personally address any concerns or suggestions that your customers may have. This may even help  you shape and grow your business, and guess what? You will earn even more satisfied customers when you learn to listen to what they are saying. Clients that are happy to share your business brand with others.

Still not certain you want to enter those blogging waters? Then let me leave you with the following compelling fact, as found by a recent Hubspot survey:

The #1 Reason Your Business Should Blog


57% of businesses with a blog got a customer from their blog!



So, tell me – are you blogging? Still on the fence or have we officially fueled your blogging beginnings? Share your thoughts with me: Email Jenn