Testing WP Rocket WordPress Cache Plugin

Website loading speed is critical to your website’s success. In particular, your site speed influences how people perceive your site. User experience is determined by many factors, but in order for someone to have a meaningful experience on your site, they have...

What’s New in WordPress 4.0

WordPress 4.0 finally rolled out last week, & it was a big update with lots of changes that you will notice right away. Here are my three favorite changes. One of these could be counted as two, but who’s counting anyway? Image Grid The 1st thing I noticed in...

How Does Typography Effect Web Design

Typography: An Essential Element of Web Design photo by GCORE at DeviantArt Can you really tell the difference in typography on a website? There are a number of different elements that go into a great website design, but if you took a straw pool of internet users,...

WordPress 3.8 Update – What’s New

WordPress 3.8 Released This Week Almost 20% of the world wide web is now using a WordPress website or blog. If you’re familiar with WordPress, then you know why. It’s simple to use, has endless customization options even for those with limited coding...

Inspiration, tips, and updates on Web Design Nov 20th

How Usability Testing Drastically Improved My Client’s App – smashingmagazine.com Most designers spend too much time with their designs to be objective about them. The best thing any designer can do is to collect feedback from real users. Testing uncovers pain...

Inspiration, tips, and updates on Web Design Nov 4th

Every week, we pull the latest resources for web designers to stay on top of their game in this ever-changing environment. cSocially Media provides web design, SEO, content, social media, & email marketing for small businesses & creative professionals in...

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