Using Lists With Facebook

It may seem as though we are on a bit of a Facebook kick these days. We are. We’ve found that while many of us use Facebook on a daily basis, there are certain tricks and features we don’t take the time to learn. Thus, why we are bringing you another...

What’s New On Facebook?

Another week, another update to Facebook. Seems like Mark Zuckerberg and his team have been pretty busy these past few months, working on various ways to tweak and improve the user experience on the social media site. This Thursday the company plans to unveil yet...

Facebook for your Local Business

We’ve all had that conversation with the last holdout for Facebook. You know, that person that insists he/she doesn’t have time for it and that there’s no good reason to be on it. I will go ahead and confess, I was that person.  One day it hit me...

Simple How-To on Social Media

You want to know more about Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites? You know it’s a good idea for your business but don’t know where to begin? Below is a nice (simplified) infographic about social media that you can use to get your head around...

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