Wednesday Word – Enantiodromia

Today’s word is: enantiodromia The Oxford dictionary defines the word as: noun (rare) the tendency of things to change into their opposites, especially as a supposed governing principle of natural cycles and of psychological development. To make night into day,...

Word of the Day: ergophobia

Who hasn’t had a day where they dread work? We all need a mental health day every now and again, to recharge our batteries and revive creativity. When it comes to social media, however, there’s no need to be ergophobic! Don’t cower behind the...

Break Time

  Have you had your break today? Don’t forget to set aside time for laughter, relaxation, or an old-fashioned snuggle.

The End of Your Comfort Zone

Author Neale Donald Walsch once said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” We couldn’t agree more. Comfort is a visual word. It brings to mind images like a warm quilted blanket on a cold day, a steaming mug of cocoa, or a roaring fire. Uncomfortable...

Peacocking – Showing Off Your Business with Social Media

Peacocking for Business Peacocking is a known term in most social circles these days as a way of attracting attention through dress or appearance. Just as a peacock will brandish its feathers in hopes of getting the attention of another peacock, businesses use social...

Take Time to Celebrate

Celebrate in Shared Joy July 4th is a time of celebration across the country – a reminder of the day when the Declaration of Independence was signed by thirteen united States of America. It’s critical that the country takes time each year for the Independence Day...

Find Time to Unwind

If you read last week’s post “Take Rest”, then you are probably noticing a theme developing here: we believe one key to success is knowing how to and allowing yourself to relax. The picture featured above is of Arrington Vineyards, a fantastic spot...

Take Rest

If you’re a small business owner, you probably work a lot. That’s to be expected, especially if your business is young or going through a transition. Business Insider posted an article recently with advice from 18 winners of their competition for Small...

Change Your World

When doing the daily grind and grunt work of social media marketing – everything from research to scheduling to outlining an editorial calendar – there can be a lot of thought time involved. The more we practice, the better we get. But no matter how...

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